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Inspired by the '90s and the youthfulness of childhood.​

We are dreamers, ambitioners, lovers of food and sport, and our favorite periods

in school were lunch and P.E.

We enjoy nice things and good people.

As we've grown, we've realized how much first impressions mean, and how important it is to stay on brand.  This is why we believe that spending a little extra for something that is well designed, and well valued will go further than spending countless purchases on fast fashion.

All of our garments are handcrafted in New York’s historic Garment District.

We believe that details and aesthetics are just as important as functionality, and we never sacrifice quality over quantity.


Our love for simple things but nice products, is why all of our designs are made from simple but pure fabrics.​

P.E. clothing.


Creating versatility and play in your everyday life.

By taking the “what” out of “what to wear,” we’ve designed a collection that

works with you and your lifestyle.


Slow but never backward.


100% Cotton


Made in

New York




Like champagne, sophisticated  x  bubbly fun in nature:

We are crisp, clean, cunning, and timeless.


Pizza and champagne


East Coast, West Coast living

We seamlessly blend the refined culture of New York

with the playful vibes of California.  We are dedicated to adorning

the duality in life and 

Jaw x Jawshop

not your usual pizza box

- made in new york -





New York, NY